Figure Drawing

There is nothing quite as beautiful as the way the sun drips down the curves of your skin. Come, let me capture it.
— The Artist


As a junior in high school I took my first figure drawing class at SCAD, and since then I haven't been able to get enough of it. I love the line play that comes with the curves of the body. Going into the figure drawing lab is a sweet escape for me, and these are just a few representations of what I love to do!


In Broad Strokes

A conglomeration of mediums, audiences, and subjects.


Fashion Illustration

Hand drawn flats and croquis done in Prismacolor markers.

Pastel on paper

Pastel on paper



Mixed Media: Acrylic and paper on canvas


Child portrait and fashion illustrations done in pastel and colored pencil

Mixed Media

Pastel, acrylic, collage