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Live guest sketching is the new wedding experience!

The goal is to simplify just a few key details in the wedding planning experience. In this new world of highly creative weddings, there’s a lot of pressure on perfection in every detail. Live guest sketching takes away the need to scour the internet for your guest favor, guestbook, and unique reception entertainment. It’s all-in-one! The guests get something they will treasure for years, and the couple gets to remember the faces of each person involved in their wedding right alongside all the well-wishes of their guest book.

What you get:

-a dreamy, well-designed guestbook with stunning custom sketches and all the heartwarming charm of your guest's well-wishes. It captures the most important people in your life on the most important day.

-a guest favor that will be treasured for generations to come : a custom portrait of your guest and their loved one

-a fun, interactive and unique entertainment piece during your post-ceremony celebrations


Whether it’s for a corporate holiday party or a grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary with close family, having a live sketch artist come for your guest’s entertainment will be memorable and impactful!

Live sketching is great for bringing attention to a new store opening, stirring up conversations about the launch of your new restaurant, or giving your guests something to look forward to at your annual fundraiser. The possibilities and places are endless!

What you get:

-pre-event promotional tools to build awareness (optional)

-guest entertainment throughout the event

-each guest will receive their own custom sketch that you can choose to brand with your company


how it works…


  1. On the way into the ceremony, a number is assigned to each guest as they get their picture taken and leave the couple their best wishes.

  2. While the guests bask in the couple's love during the ceremony, the sketching of guest pictures begins

  3. When their sketch is done they will receive it right on their cell phone via a text from the artist! They will get their sketches during the wedding and in the days to follow.

  4. Throughout the evening your guests will be able to watch as sketches are finished and sent out!

  5. Guests can post their sketch online using the wedding hashtag, or as an add-on you can send hard copies of their sketches as thank you gifts!

  6. After the wedding, the couple will receive their guestbook with each sketch of their guests next to the message they wrote.

guestbook example.png


Because every corporate or social event looks and functions differently, the guidelines for how it would flow change depending on circumstances. Together we can come up with the perfect timeline and package for your event! Depending on the event and its purpose, corporate and social events also have the option to add on a guestbook; however, this is not automatically part of the package and pricing. Here’s a very simplified outline:

  1. As your guests arrive at your event, they have their picture taken and leave their contact information that they want the finished product delivered to.

  2. Throughout the evening they can watch the artist sketch, and guests that did not have their picture taken as they entered can continue to come get in line for their custom portrait.

  3. When their sketches are finished they will be delivered to them right on their phone via a text or email!

  4. Groups that elected to have a guestbook made will receive all of the sketches compiled in a high-quality guestbook following the event.


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