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Live guest sketching

Live guest sketching is the new wedding experience!

What you get:

-a dreamy, well-designed guestbook with stunning custom sketches and all the heartwarming charm of your guest's well- wishes that captures the most important people in your life on the most important day

-a guest favor that will actually be treasured for generations to come : a custom portrait of your guest and their loved one

-a fun, interactive and unique entertainment piece during your post-ceremony celebrations

My goal is to simplify just a few key details in the wedding planning experience. In this new world of highly creative weddings, there’s a lot of pressure on the couple to have every detail be perfect. Live guest sketching takes away the need to think about ‘the perfect favor’ and taking the time to find the perfect guest book with highly curated portraits. It’s all-in-one! The guests get something they will actually treasure instead of coming home with another set of personalized matches, and the couple gets to remember the faces of each person involved in their wedding mixed right into all the well-wishes of a guest book.

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